The Assistant - September 29th, 2009

Treatment for a Rock-Show

The amazing life of Jack Chickenhunter
(from Berlin)

No one was thinking of Jack anymore. They had completely forgotten about him, back in ’89, when the Wall came down. There he was, in a bunker under the Teufelsberg, sound asleep after one too many the night before, while everyone was celebrating the fall of the Wall. Commander Jack had strict orders from his General to hold the line at any cost, no matter what would happen. And so he stayed. His provisions would last for all eternity; a copious stock of Bourbon and three hundred CDs which he always had with him would help him pass the time.

Jack has been in Berlin for more than twenty years now. In the past, when he used to tell his loved ones back in Memphis, Tennessee about good old Berlin, they thought he was reporting from another world. A wall that ran right through the city, Russians standing guard with machine guns, their safety catches off. People drinking sweet wheat beer, some of them still telling stories about WW1, or about John F. Kennedy and the Berlin Airlift, about Adolf Hitler; people who ate sausages with curry sauce, madmen who squatted houses etc … etc … etc … As a member of the US Army security force he was of no use anymore. In the bunker he lost all sense of time.
He never heard from his unit again. But then, after what seemed like ages, Igor came into the bunker, singing “Hound Dog”. He worked for a company that was to clear out the former bunker and completely reconstruct it. An investor was planning to build the hottest nightclub this side of Theodor-Heuss-Platz.

Bye bye Jack!

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